Wednesday, September 1, 2010

John Houston and Janet Dickson

Today Mark and I drove to Murikirk, Scotland. The home of John Houston and Janet Dickson. We went to the Murikirk Cemetery and the caretaker was working. He came over to see if he could help us find a grave site. When I told him who I was looking for he took me to the office and pulled all the papers. I took photos and will be able to decide exactly which relatives are buried where. 

This is the Parish Church in Muirkirk where John Houston and Janet Dickson were married. That would be my great great grand parents. 

This is the headstone of the Dickson Family. As you might see many of the headstones are in bad shape. I am sure Janet and George are here but their headstones is more than likely destroyed from time. 

The one on the right is also Dickson

These are 2 headstones for the Houston Family just in front of the Dickson headstone.

I took this photo from the far corner looking back at the church and the headstones are of the Houston and Dickson Family's

Mark taking a photo of the creek that runs along side of the Church

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