Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Janet Dickson and John Houston

I am finally on the hunt. I knew my Dad's family was from Muirkirk but had no idea where they might be buried. After a lot of emails and inquires I still was none the wiser. Dorothy, Callum, and I headed out to Muirkirk just 18 miles away. We went to the local Cemetery and with a list of names we started looking for the names. We had really looked all over the cemetery and about to give up because it had started rainning I turned the corner and about 3 gravestones later I saw HOUSTON. Upon looking at names and dates I found one of the gravesites. The headstone was broken but still very readable.

Then we had to dig down to find out which Janet Dickson Houston it was. It is the orginal Janet Dickson's grand daughter.

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