Wednesday, December 16, 2009

11 miles today

I am doing my training. I got up at 6 AM to get my Mom to eat a little. She needed to go get a shot this afternoon and could not eat for 6 hours before the shot. I made her a little to eat and a cup of coffee. After she went back to bed I dressed and got ready to train. My feet were really sore and I was really tired the whole time. Toward the end I finally got some strength and the feet felt better. So, I was able to get in a little running.

I showered dressed and got ready to take mom to get her shot. I have to confess I could not stay awake. I fell asleep in the chair while we waited for the doctor to come in. I fell asleep in the waiting room. Now that I have eaten and am resting I think I am awake. Great and I wanted to go to bed early. I like the getting up early if I can get accustom to it.

Tomorrow I get my shot in my knee - I hope. The last couple of time the doctor didn't want to do it that day. He always wanted me to come back - not sure if that was so he could make more money or what. Well wither I get the shot or not I am resting for a day or two.

And Mom is doing very well. The pain in her back is so much better. I will not be letting her wait this long between shots again. I was confused since she got the block last February. I didn't know she could still have a shot every 3 months.

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