Thursday, December 31, 2009

18 days.

18 Days

I have had a blessed family Christmas. I have watched my mother laugh so hard at a sweet little girl. So much nicer than it could have been with this being the first Christmas since Dad passed away. She has had all her family take the time to come see her. I can't imagine how she could have felt. Her daughter died 5 years ago, her husband less than a year ago, and she has moved out of the house she knew for the past 40 years. WOW she has done good.

Now it is time for me to de-stress and get back to running. I feel like I am ready to walk most of it. I have done 13.1 miles and I have run more than I ever have. But, now is not the time to stop. 18 days left and I need to rest, eat right, and keep up a good pace. So, pray for me and lets get it going!! Thank you to all my family and friends that have supported me. When you ask me at Church how is it going it thrills me. I didn't even know you knew about it. Thanks again.

Here are just a few photo's of the Holiday's.

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