Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Training the mind

I am shocked at how hard you have to work at training the mind. If anything gets in your way - sadness, depression, stress, or just putting to many demands on your life, you cannot run. You maybe able to walk but running takes your extra strength. Therefore you are pushed to deal with that stress or you cannot run. Sometimes it is just letting go and letting God have that pain. Trusting Him to take you to the next step. Only God can get you to the next step. You can Will it away from time to time but it will always find it's way back until you talk to God about it. Give Him your pain He already knows what it is - you just have to sit down and spit it up and give it to Him. Then you have to trust He knows best and will deal with it for you. That is called faith. Faith comes from trying to give it to Him and then waiting to see what He does with it. That waiting can be trying but with out that we see no progress. When we see the peace that comes from it we take a bigger step to real Faith. I believe Faith comes from trusting and letting go. It grows in time. We are not born with Faith but in time it grows. It is like a muscle if you do not exercise it - it dies.

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