Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ready to run

Well, I am dressed and ready to run. But since the thermostat is set on 80 I will wait. We know what happened the last time I tried to do that. Not good. The mind is struggling today - I have had to many confrontations to deal with today. I have not given up though - just waiting.

I am glad to announce I got my run in today. The first 6 miles was about what I expected. Wanting to quit from time to time. Thinking ok if I get in 6 then I will do what I did last week. I wanted to do better. So, I went on to 8 miles. However, at mile 6 my muscles did what they did last week at mile 4 - tightened up. The last 2 miles was hard but I kept thinking if I don't do it next week will not be any easier.

8 miles - avg pace 14:24 - avg speed 4.2

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