Friday, July 31, 2009


"After you've built up your base mileage, it's really about how much pain you can take," says Barton..

For more ways to deal with pain here are some good IDEAS

A five-pound weight loss can take more than two minutes off your half-marathon time. Plus, weight loss can reduce your injury risk and improve your biomechanics

The Mind Is Divided
The power of the mind to push the body to its potential is limited by an internal conflict. The logical side (left brain) does not communicate with the creative side (right brain). A primary mission of the analytical side is to steer you into comfort and away from stress. The more stress you generate from running and other areas, the more negative messages: “slow down,” “stop,” or what is even worse, asking “why am I doing this?” If you don’t have a mental strategy for dealing with this barrage of negativity, you’ll start losing confidence in your ability to achieve your potential, on that day.
When you have a balance of physical and mental training, your left and right brains can work as a team: left side anticipating problems and right side searching for resources and solutions. This puts you in control of your running, instead of reacting to one crisis after another. While the potential of our body is limited, the intuitive and creative powers of the right side are not. Not only does this side monitor our capabilities, it finds resources you didn’t know that you had.
From Galloway’s Book on Running, 2nd ed. (Shelter Publications, 2002), p. 166

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