Saturday, August 1, 2009

New Milestone

I have a new milestone today. I actually ran 3.25 of the 4 miles I had to do today.

I warmed up for the first 5 minutes. Then ran for the next 2 miles without stopping. I have not done that in years. I thought I couldn't. Don would be proud of me here. The next 1.75 miles was walk 2 minutes, run 2 minutes. The last lap was run as fast as I could.

This is new training for me because running is a totally different monster than walking. Don't get me wrong here walking is fantastic. It got me moving keeps my weight down and doesn't hurt my joints as much.

I forgot how much I love to run. The feeling after you do it. I just cannot get that from walking. Sorry if that disappoints anyone but it just ain't going to happen.

Now I need to go ice my knee to keep it healthy.

Pace 15:59 - 4 miles

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