Thursday, July 30, 2009

Run or Walk?

Today is my day off to rest and heal. That is just as important as the training.

I am finding I had a mind set - I cannot run so I will walk. Even though I ran just under 8 minute mile in High School. My brother keeps telling me run for 2 minutes then walk for 2 minutes. (he runs marathons) My response is alway "I can't run". Why? The last time I decided to run I couldn't walk for 6 weeks. But, during the Austin Marathon I did run some. The results were pain in my knee. I am going to take it slow but I am going to try and run some.

I am going to do it with a doctor's advice this time though. I am icing my knee after a run/walk. On my off days I will do the other exercises he gave me to do. My doctor explained that no matter how much you walk or run there are certain muscles in the knee that don't get exercised. He should know he is the Olympian Doctor for the girls softball team (that after last year is no longer a sport in the Olympics).

Yesterday I jogged about half of the 3 miles. Today I can feel a few places that do not get worked when I walk. It is necessary to get some running in. I don't have what I would call "PAIN" but, I can feel the fact the body was worked. That lets me know I am moving forward to a new goal.

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