Thursday, February 9, 2012

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A photo of my grandfather on the right and his great nephew on the left.

I knew very little about Samuel Duff my grandfather's family. He moved to the USA from Scotland in 1911 at 31 yrs old. Samuel was born in Kilsyth. He had an older brother and 3 younger sisters that we knew very little about.

My grandfather's older brother David Duff the First and Samuel never kept up with each other. After getting on I found a connection to David Duff  I was totally shocked. After connecting I found David had a son named David Duff in 1900.  Then that David Duff had another son David Chalmers Duff my 2nd cousin also born in Kilsyth.

When I got this photo from David C Duff's wife I was amazed at how much they looked alike. I would have to say my 2nd cousin looks so much like his great uncle.

I can only say WOW.

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