Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Family Graves in Kilsyth, Scotland

I found all these graves just inside the front gate. I didn't have time to look through the rest of the cemetery. I really just started clicking photo's of headstones and came home and looked and identified them after the trip. I want to take a full day next time I go. I can't imagine how many I could have found if there had been more time. With Mom, Sarah, and Elizabeth we tired quickly and still had to drive back to the Farm. It was a fun day needless to say. 

Mom's grandparents grave John Duff/Anna Horn Barr. She never got to meet them but they always remembered her at Christmas with a box from Scotland. 

While Bill Gracie and I were in the office looking for the location of Mom's 2 great grandparents. Mom and Elizabeth were out having fun. 

 Mom's 2nd g grandparents:  James Anderson/ Anna Horn And Elizabeth's 5th great grandparents. Also John Anderson/ Mary Abercrombie Mom's great grand aunt and uncle. 

 Mom and her new friend Bill Gracie. (The local historian) He was so nice to meet us and show us around. 

 James Johnston/ Margaret Shaw Mom's 1 cousin 4x removed. Their Daughter and son-in-law Isabella Johnston and James Allan 2nd cousins 3x removed.

 Robert Anderson/ Mary Ann Bennie another great grand aunt and uncle of Mom's. Also their daughter Mary Anderson

 Thomas Anderson/ Jane Jarvie Mom's 4th cousin 3x removed and there son Thomas Jarvie Anderson Mom's 5th Cousin 2x Removed

 William Anderson/ Clementina Young Mom's 2nd great grand Uncle. Their Children Jean Anderson, Martha Anderson, Matthew Anderson, and Helen Anderson. Mom's 1 cousin 3x removed.

 James Anderson/Christina Brown another great grand Aunt and Uncle of Mom's 

John Cleland Mom's 3rd cousin 4x removed. Son and Daughter-in-law William Cleland/Agnes Stevenson Mom's 4 cousin 3x removed.  And child the grandchild Alexander Cleland died at 17. He would be Mom's 5 cousin 2x removed. 

 Anderson Chruch were everyone was married. Minister was Rev. Anderson

 Kilsyth in the back ground of the Parish Cemetery

 Graves of Livingston Family descendants of King David the Bruce. The cemetery worker told us the ground fell in and he saw the bodies. They are well preserved and photo's were even taken. No you can't see in it. Inscription says this branch of the family died out. 

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