Saturday, April 10, 2010

MS Surge win first round to the SPHL President's Cup

I am one of those people that need Hockey for Dummies. I do not know much about the game. However, I know excitement when it happens. The first period the game was scoreless and I was like the heck with hockey. The second we at least made one goal. Then one of our players elbowed one of their players and blood went everywhere. The player was transported to the hospital and our man was kicked out of the game. Truth is the Columbus team plays dirty and we finally hit back (I know it doesn't make it right). 

We dominated the rest of the game bringing the score to 6 - 2. Several of their players didn't play hockey they played knock out the other players.  My brother pointed out that the game was going to get uglier because if they didn't win it was over for them. He pointed out two players 84 and 32. I also noted 21 was a rough player. As I watched 84 (built like a line man) he never tired to to get the puck. He would bowl down as many players as he could. Run up behind players and hit them as hard as he could. He had several time outs and finally was kicked out. They also finally kicked out 32.

Now it is on to the President's Cup Finals!

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