Saturday, April 10, 2010

Coming soon!

Shepherd's Pie come back and check it out!!!

I was asked by the some friends at Church to give them my Dad's Shepherd's Pie Recipe. They are putting together a cook book and the story behind the SP Recipe is sweet.

As the story goes:   Brad was a young boy in high school and would come over to my parents house so my sister could tutor him. One night my Dad was making Shepherd's Pie and they invited Brad to have some and he was hooked. After that every time Dad knew that Brad would be over to study he always made Shepherd's pie just for Brad. Over time he asked his mom, Towana, to make it. I know she has tried and does make it but it all started with my Dad, their minister. Brad told me at Dad's funeral, that when ever he came over to study, he could never concentrate on his work because he knew my Dad was in the kitchen making Shepherd's Pie.

 In memory of my Dad I decided to make it so I could give them a recipe. The first thing you need to understand is Dad did not have a recipe. He cooked from the hip - whatever he could find. So, I have used a few of his tricks and tonight Mom and I had the best Shepherd's Pie I have ever made. I hope I made my Dad proud. He was a good cook!!!

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  1. Yes, he was a great cook... and even better Dad.