Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hockey for Southerners a Katrina come back.

What happened to the hockey games? When these girls were babies we took them to hockey games. In fact the second one was only a thought when we first started going. So, what happened? Katrina. It is hard to believe all the things a hurricane changes. It even effected the fun we had at games. First off the coliseum  was flooded with gulf waters and had to be rebuilt. OK, that was done so why don't we have a hockey game. Keesler AFB was also flooded. No hospital or housing for military personal so no people on the coast. When you do not have fans you do not have a team. The Seawolf's disbanded and do not exist any more. It cost money to have a team and you have to make so much money in order to support a team. This team is part of the Southern Professional Hockey League.. Keesler AFB is still not in full force and so we still do have the fan base that is needed for a better team. As you can see in the stands not many people. (Last week there were a lot more people at the game - spring break and Easter have cut in in half). It use to be full to over flowing. The game was fun and it was family time. Last night we only paid $5.00 to get in that is one advantage. On the down side they checked out bags for outside snacks and drinks. We did not have any so no problem. You can't blame the coliseum because they make there money on the food and drinks they sell. The team makes the money on the sell of tickets. We, the coast, is still struggling to come back from Katrina. We are not there yet but progress is being made. 

We did win!  On a up note one of the Seawolf's members is the coach for the new Surge team.

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