Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Layla Grace a father's grief God at Work

I became interested in this story several months ago. A friend on FB was praying for this family and I checked it out. The strength they received is beyond amazing. I watched the video of her Celebration of Life. Ok, maybe not the whole thing. However, when her father spoke it was so amazing that he was able to view life and speak the words he did.(starting about minute 13) His strength came from above and beyond a humans ability. 

Here are the words of a father.
Not Like This

Dad again here; a few weeks ago we learned that bad news had gotten worse. The doctors initially thought that we maybe had a couple of months left with Layla, but instead it was going to be more like two weeks.
Still, we kept praying expecting a miracle. Never give up hope, that’s our motto. God doesn’t bring the bad, he brings the good. But we knew in the back of our minds that it might be part of God’s plan for her to return home to Him. It’s not too much of a stretch to believe that God’s work with Layla here on earth is nearly complete. She’s brought people closer to their families, closer to God, Shanna and I closer to each other. Lots of people have been touched by her. Lots and lots of people. Shanna and I still look at the number of Twitter followers she has and can’t grasp it. It’s unreal.
When we took Layla home to pass, the hospice doctors and Dr. R told us what to expect. It’s not easy to sit at home and watch your child die. Our only wish was that if Layla was going to pass, that it be in peace. It hasn’t exactly been like that. Layla’s pain has been difficult to manage................  To continue reading go to the link "Not Like This" at the start of this paragraph. I decided not to post the whole thing so that the parents could control the story. It is their story and I will let them control the whole post. It is worth checking out. 

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