Saturday, April 24, 2010

A. Bitch

I am starting a tradition as of today. I am naming tornado's just like we name hurricanes. Today's rip through Louisiana and MS will start with the letter A and B. So, since I started it I get to name it and I name it A. Bitch.

I had the weather channel on to see what was going on for today. I hear an announcement that in Omega, LA a tornado hit and destroyed a Chemical Complex just outside of Tallulah. Then I hear it was in Madison. Well, I am not an idiot I knew right off that was Complex Chemicals in Madison Parish just outside of Tallulah.  As the announcements came in they corrected Omega to just Tallulah in Madison Parish. I knew this was my ex- husbands company. It is a small company and Jerry started it almost 40 years ago. We were married for 24 years and it was what our lives centered around. When we married it was almost in bankruptcy and we built and sacrificed many years to build it up to what it is today.  I know the families and employees. I thought of James, Mike, Ray, Stacy right off. My step son Travis and of course my ex Jerry. I was  hearing news of people trapped and deaths. My heart raced and I wanted to throw up.

Well, I am grateful to announce there were only 3 injuries, no deaths, and no one was trapped, but it was demolished. I talked to Jerry later in the day and he sounded like he was still in shock. He was trying to tell me that OSHA, EPA and... and.... I interrupted him and said "and all the other alphabets are there". He laughed. When we first got married I could make him laugh and to know I could do that for him today made me feel good. I doubt he will remember what I said or that he laughed because he is in shock. The tears are coming but I know healing is also coming.

After last week when my daughter's home was burglarized and then they received a threatening phone call the day their security system was installed. I come home just to wake up to the tornado damage. I have so been reminded that what God gives us can be taken away in a split second. It is also a reminder of where it all came from to begin with. Jerry and I use to talk in the beginning, when we had nothing, about all the good things God was doing for us. Somewhere along the way it was forgotten. Today is a wake up call!!!!!!!

Even though "Complex" is where A. Bitch started it continued into MS and took many lives. We are in prayer for all that lost life and property today.

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