Monday, January 25, 2010

Reaction to the Saints game.

Do you remember!!!

One day of rejoicing - I think they have earned it.
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Wow, last night was a game I have waited 40 years for. I know they are 43 years old but I was not here the other 3 years. I do not watch football much but ever since Hurricane Katrina I have kept up with the Saints. The coast was so demolished, tears were shed by everyone, and life is not back to normal yet. The Saints had to practice in Jackson, MS because there was no place for them to train. They became a MS team at that point. I know they are a NOLA team but we love them too. We felt their pain and their desire to rise above the destruction.
I took Mark to the very first sports event that took place after Katrina in NOLA. It was the Marathon and he was going to run the half. Going into the city gave me a lump in my throat. The destruction was beyond imagination. For anyone to have anger or hate or just plan dislike of the Saints or the city of NO is a very immature person in my view.
I saw on FB many happy people but to my surprise there were a few that needed to find excuses and were not happy for the Saints. There is one that actually hates the Saints. That makes me wonder why. Why hate? I am so sure there is an underlying cause of people that can actually hate a team. It also shows how immature people can be. I don't know about you but I was taught to be a grateful winner or loser. More times than not you are going to lose. Win or lose it takes a mature person to be humble.
God did not hand them the victory. But, He will use it for the good of a lot of fans that have suffered for the past several years. The coast was in desperate need for some joy so, let them enjoy it.

So, in 5 years when Haiti has something good happen to them lets all rejoice for them!!!

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