Thursday, January 28, 2010

My new GOAL

What is stuff? Things that are important to us? Things that remind us of the past? How do we let go? This week I have managed to load up everything in Mom's house without crying to much. I took some trips to the American Thrift store. Some stuff is in my garage and the rest is till in the van. I am not finished with going through things. Sad part of all of this is this is my third time to do this. It does not get any easier.

I want to make sure there is one thing I do not do. What is that you may ask? I do not want to do this to my kids. I know most of what I have they could careless about. Dad was pretty good about wanting us to have things before he passed away. But, ho those little things he couldn't part with.

My job this next month is to clean out!!! I now have a new GOAL!! I do not want to stop walking but this has to be done. I know me - I need to have a goal.

One more thing. I have a lot of boxes inside my house too!!!!!

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