Monday, November 2, 2009


This morning I read my daily reading by Sharles Swindoll in "God's Treasury of Virtues".

pp 183: ......The rubber of Christianity meets the road of proof at just such intersections in life. As the expression goes, our faith is "fleshed out" at times like that. The best test of my Christian growth occurs in the mainstream of life, not in the quietness of my study. Anybody can walk "in victory" when surrounded by books, silence, and the warm waves of sunshine splashing through the window. But those late takeoffs, those grocery lines, those busy restaurants, those trains? That's where faith is usually "flushed out.".......

I had such a day yesterday and I am not sure I did such a good job. It reminded me of the time we traveled and the flights that should have taken 12 hours took 36 hours. I was able to have patience - a fruit of the Sprit by the way. Yesterday it eluded me way to much. Why? I have not been taking the time to work on my relationship with God. I may sit down and do a reading but then I am up and running forgetting Him the rest of the day. Nothing I am doing "can't wait" So, today I am taking a day to renew my inner spirit. I do not plan on going to the new house. I will have enough of that this week. Today is for me and what I may need to do. Actually that will be a test for me - Not going to the house to work on it.

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