Monday, September 7, 2009

starting over

There is no shame in starting over. Starting over with attitude and knowledge. Learning in life is what keeps us moving forward instead of backwards. I have had my shot and the knee is not back to what I want, but I know it may take up to 10 days for that to totally work.

Today I started over with the training. I am paying more attention to what the body tells me. I do not have to make that last 2 miles if it will injure my body. I am taking much more time to warm up. I did 3 miles and time well that is between my knee, body, and me. I can not set a goal that will hurt me. I want people to be proud of me and that is why I push. I want to be liked and that is why I push. Now I will do this so I am proud. I hope you will join me in that. If not then I have to let go. I want to run like I did in High School and that just isn't going to happen. That I have to let go of. I am the age I am with aches and pains from past injuries and arthritis. I will do, with God's help, what I can and go to the next level at my pace.

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