Thursday, September 10, 2009

10 Pounds

I have come to an understand what 10 lbs of weight is. If I can take off 10 lbs then that will help my knee. Less weight = less stress and friction on the knee. I keep telling my self - it is ok, I am fine. Even though I know 10 lbs isn't much - just pick up a 10 lb. weight. It is a lot. So, I have placed that 10 lb weight right by the bad stuff in the kitchen. You know that cabinet that has cookies, salty garbage, candy. Every time I get hungry and wander into the kitchen I pick up that weight and realize how much of a difference it could make on my knee. My mind is beginning to see it before the cracker goes in my mouth now. It isn't a fast fix but it is a reminder. I just wish it was red - then I would see it faster. Some times I just go and pick it up to remind my brain just how much it really is.

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