Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ouch to start with?

Do you ever get to run without the feeling "ouch" to start with? After a warm up I did better today. I just wonder if that initial feeling that says "I don't want to do this today" goes away. I am so tired when I start however before I finish I think I want to run more. I didn't run more but I felt good enough to do more. I know I have more to do on Saturday so I didn't want to push it further today.

My heart rate is improving, not setting the heart monitor off as much, I cool down quicker, and my speed is slowly picking up. There is a little improvement and that is what I want to focus on. I don't get up the next morning in pain from doing it harder. I guess I need to be happy with the little goals.

Pace 14:40 - 3 miles

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