Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Stalling already

Well, I got up this morning and thought - OK, maybe today on my chart it will say I have the day off. Not - I have 3 miles to do today. I keep trying to decide when I should do it. Not - OK, lets get er done. It is 2:20 PM and I have nothing to do right now but I am still thinking I will do it later. I still have plenty of time. Will my thinking change. And I have no excuses - I have a treadmill and air conditioning. Do not let anyone tell you that training out side is better. "Bull" to that. I can bring on a sweat just by working harder. I also read 2 years ago it is better to work in the cool because it allows you to work your muscles harder.

Well, I did it. Today was better. I only gave myself 1/2 lap (4 laps a mile) to warm up. I slow jogged almost 1/2 of it. When I walked I walked at 15:00 pace. I kept pushing my heart rate to 165 - my so called Maximal Heart Rate. Just so you know I was only walking a pace of 20:00 when I started training for my last 1/2 marathon.

If I could just get over the mental stepping on the treadmill.

video for running on a treadmill

Pace 14:49 - 3 miles

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