Thursday, March 3, 2011


The first time I tried haggis I wanted to throw up. Why? From what everyone else said about it. How it was disgusting and all. I did try it and my mind was so ugh that I didn't want to let go and really give it a shot. Not bad but I was not going to be caught eating it. My conclusion was - it was OK. 

This time in Scotland, August 2010, I decided to give it a better try. Yea, thats right I liked it. The seasons smelled so good and that is really what you taste. I found some in a can and wondered if I could take that home. I decided not to try. 

I journeyed back to Scotland in December 2010 and this time I couldn't help myself - I carried home a can of it. It is now packaged to travel - Before now it was not OK to bring it home. 

Finally last night I gave it a try and put it in some chicken and even made some whiskey sauce. As I opened the can I wondered if I was going to gag or not. No, actually it smelled so good but I was still wondered about the taste. I mean have you ever eaten canned meat that was good? Just saying!!

Here is the end result and it was good!!

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