Thursday, June 17, 2010

Elizabeth's First Birthday

Yes folks my grand-baby is now 1 year old. It was a fun, fast, few days. It started when I got to Houston opening the gifts I got her. Not all of the gifts made her happy though she definitely has a strong opinion.

Here is a short video taken by Mark as she received her gifts.

She then had a fantastic party at her Nana and Pa's house. About 50 people showed up for a 1 year old.

Can I just say these are the best BFF's in Houston. Without them the party would have never happened. Kat (Left)made all the cup cakes from scratch. Becky(right) came and helped direct and set up for the party. Sarah in the middle..

Uncle Mark flew in from Scotland for the big event!!!
And what is a party without the grandmother's

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