Friday, April 16, 2010


My father was in WWII in the Pacific. He was in Guam/Philippine's  and at the end of the war was heading for Japan. He and Mom started going to the reunions of the "3rd Engineers Special Brigade".  Mom and Dad loved to travel. Every chance they got they would go somewhere. But, the reunions were a place Dad could have a time to share with others that had been where he was and done what he had done. No one will ever understand that feeling but the other Men and Women that faced that battle. Dad talked about it with us kids only to say things like: when they were in a fox hole in the midst of getting shot at they would say well there went one of ours. It was like a game - one for them then one for us. He also told us that they would laugh at the most in appropriate times. As he came to understand it was an emotion and if they didn't laugh they would cry. I am so sure that was a horrible time for them.

What brought this up today was the letter for the reunion came in the mail. Mom sat it on the table and did not open it. When I saw it I was like "who is Cooper". That was all that the return address said - no first name. Mom said it was from the reunion. She did not even want to see it. Most of the time she opens all of Dad's mail but not this one.

I did find the stamps most interesting. I think there is a story - I just don't know what it is. Maybe I just do not want to cry so I laughed at the stamps.

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