Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We've only just begun.......Day One

Today's progress

The workers got started about 7:40 AM and stayed until 5:30 PM. The dogs did not bark all day as I expected. Then about 1 PM or so I got a ring at the door. It was a neighbor that I have meet and we found out we both go to the same church. Well in her hands was a copy of the covenant and an email from the neighbor (I guess who is in charge of the subdivision) to give me. As my friends stated "it is not your fault you didn't know what was expected of you because you didn't have a copy of the covenants". Yes, There was a list of things I needed to do before I started. Oh well I am not planning on doing any building on the house so I am OK. I did give them a plan of the yard. I am glad however we have an active group that will help keep up the neighborhood. I have watched Mom's home go down in value because of the neighborhood. I have watch it just get so trashy. So, I did not mind the visit. But, I was a little surprised. 

Yes all but the little island of grass is left. It was neat how that machine just cut through the sod and up it came. They will be adding some good top soil and putting out St Augustine grass. 

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