Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mom's progress

Mom had a set back yesterday. I am not exactly sure  when it started but by dinner she was in so much pain she could not walk any more. I do know at one point she moved in her chair and got a look of agony on her face. By bed time she was begging me for more pain medicine. I got her up at 11 PM and gave her more pain medicine. Then at 3 AM I heard her and got up again. When she tried to get out of bed it was just like the first couple of day after surgery. It scared me so bad I sat up for the next hour and read all her papers from the doctors and hospital. It did not sound or look like she had dislocated it but I was so ready to take her to the hospital just to be sure. I waited for morning and the pain had let up a little. The physical therapist was coming today so I decided to let her look at mom. She came about noon and checked her out. The pain was letting up and so we decided to just give it 24 to 48 hours with rest and ice. She is not running fever or swelling at all so I am just making her rest. I put her to bed early with a pillow wedge to let her watch TV. I just got her up again for bathroom and pain medicine and she is still in a lot of pain but not as bad. The nurse is coming at 8 AM tomorrow so I will talk to her and see what she thinks.

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