Monday, March 29, 2010

Enlarging Photo's

Enlarging Photo's: With the new editor for blog you only have to click on the photo after uploading it and that will ask size - click the size you want. However to make it larger check out Christie explanation . However I had to do a little different adjustments. I had to change back to the old editor, upload the photo do all she said to do. But, My numbers were not the same as hers. So, I looked for the numbers and just doubled them.

After looking back at the same photo in an earlier blog it turned out to be the same size either way it was done. Now if you want it even bigger you need to make the photo larger in photo shop.

For the photo below:
This is what happened when I doubled the numbers and added 1/2 of the original number
mine was 320+320+160=800 etc....

As for the outer wrapper I thought I went in and changed it but now I cannot find it so if you can figure it out let me know. As you can see the largest photo is cut off.

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