Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow and Hospital updates

Ocean Springs has a SNOW DAY!!

Ok that was fun but you have to understand we NEVER get snow in the coastal region of MS. I can count on 1 hand how many times I have seen any here. I laughed at the first snow day we had in MS when we moved here. You need to know I lived in Nebraska and Ohio. Even with all the snow we had there we never had a snow day. The coast just doesn't spend the money it would take to handle the snow they get there. Rightly so because if you just wait a few hours it will soon be gone. It was pretty to see a few flakes but I was not looking forward to having any.

Update on Mom

I have had a morning off. A dear friend, Ann, is checking in on Mom this morning and giving me a much needed break. Mom's surgery went very well and she is healing from that just fine. She has been able to take a few steps and with minimal pain. As I was feeding her lunch Wednesday she had a sudden pain in her chest and it didn't just let up. The nurse came in and checked her vitals and called the doctor. They have assigned her a cardiologist and he ordered some tests. This morning she was having a stress test when I called to check on her. I do not know anything yet but I am hoping it is all intestinal pain. At least they are checking it.

The day of surgery was extreme for me. I took her in and when they got her in bed they let us come back and see her. Then they came for her and said they would be starting the surgery in about 30 minutes and it would take about 3 hours. Well, 2 and 1/2 hours later I was like what the heck is going on. They had not even started the surgery yet. They then started the surgery it went well. After surgery they didn't have a room for her so we could not see her for 3 hours. Finally at 6 PM they got her in a room but not where I was told she would be. So, yes I freaked out and had a melt down. The nurses were so good and assured me of all they would be doing for her. I chilled and tried to get some sleep.

I am still in hopes we can bring her home tomorrow. The Physical therapist wants me to send her to rehab. He didn't think I could take care of Mom. He kept asking me over and over if I could do what they had just done with her by myself. When I explained my father, that passed away 1 year ago, was in a wheel chair for several years and I was the one taking care of him his whole face went to OK, you so understand what has to be done. I am not saying it will be easy - I KNOW THAT - but I do know she will do much better at home. Her ortho doctor agrees with me - he knows I have taken care of dad in the past years. He said he would rather her be at home.

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