Friday, February 5, 2010


Elizabeth Grace

WOW, Happy Valentine's Day to me. I already printed out the color photo in an 8x10 and I have the place for it to go. I have always known my daughter was talented but she has never tried photography before. She is developing an awesome eye for taking pictures of children and she has a perfect model. She has recently taken some of other children and they are also very good.

The funny thing is on the way to becoming a grandmother my ideas are changing. I use to loved to take photo's, but I was always wanting the best set up before I clicked the picture. It cost a lot - for film, developing and printing. I never had the money to be able to afford to really go all out and try and do more. You have to take a lot of pictures to develop your style and everyone has there style. So, I gave it up. I loved to hand tint pictures and yesterday my niece told me she wanted me to do it again. I was going to get rid of the table I used to paint on and she was determined I would not give it away. That I was going to paint again and she was not going to let me say no.

I am beginning to see Sarah's talent and I love it. My son, Mark, was always the more active photographer in the family. He took classes in high school and college. He took pictures for the college paper. Then he has lived in and been all over Europe and the UK. He has a style that had developed for buildings, scenery, and some rather odd ones. I love his style and when I see a picture or see an opportunity for a picture I say "that is a Mark picture". He has shown me some beauty that I would have never looked at before except through his eye.

I am so happy to see my two children developing a talent that I love. I think because I love pictures and I know I cannot take them all. They are showing me new and interesting things I would not see without them.

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