Sunday, January 17, 2010

2:55 official time

Sarah, Becky, and her husband Chris went and bought balloons so Allison (Sarah's friend) and I would be able to find them.

Coming up on the 8.5 mile point. I was so ready to get rid of my jacket.

I feel fine!!!!

My baby girl, Sarah, meet me at the end after meeting me at the 8.5 mile. She also got up at 4:45 and had my coffee fixed before driving me down to the marathon. There were 25,000 people that showed up to run and traffic was crazy.

And I cannot leave out Allison that did the FULL Marathon. Awesome job!!!

I want to thank EVERYONE that supported me and the Presbyterian Children's Home and Services. This day could not have been nicer - it was sunny and cool.

There were a LOT of people and I mean A LOT!!!!! As we started out you had to run or be run over. You could not pass anyone and moving left or right was out of the question. That only lasted for the first 8 miles hahahaha. With that said everyone running was very polite and supportive. I wore my shirt that said "This sounded like a good idea 3 months ago". I got so many pats on the back and comments from others it really made it fun to be around everyone.

I was quite sore at about mile 11 so I did slow down and walked. I kept up the run/walk to the end but was more like walk/run at the end.

The Finish Line!!

It was an awesome run!!!

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  1. Under 3 that was great given your knee...Great job.