Wednesday, August 26, 2009

today's run gave me power

I am sore so I debated about running today or tomorrow. I decided late this afternoon I had to much to do tomorrow so I better get it in this afternoon. As I started running I could really feel pain in my muscles. I decided to take it slower and before I finished the pain really eased up. It is like the pain is still there but the mind has replaced that thought with - I am actually doing this and not giving up. It is a power you get over your body. When you stop listening to your body and retrain the mind you are empowered. And yes, I prayed for the strength to keep going because there were several times I was like thinking Can I do this today? What if I hurt myself? Will I be able to run again by saturday if I feel like this today? I do not know about Saturday but today I finished.

3 miles - Avg pace 15:14 - Avg speed 3.9 run/ walk

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