Monday, August 3, 2009

Real Pain??

I had such a good attitude today about running. I got on the treadmill and in about a half a lap I was like "What the heck this hurts today. There is no way I can do 3 miles running at all". I just about gave up, but then I remembered the mind had to train the body. Was it really PAIN?? The kind of pain you can put a number to. No it was not. My body had just recovered from Saturday and was still in shock. But was not in real pain. I decided the run 2 minutes and walk 2 minutes was going to be today's training.

I finished up running harder and faster before I even got to 2 miles. So, I did go for the faster run during the run and walked slower if that is what I needed. I guess it is about listening to your body to some degree. Then make the mind ask the hard questions. Really Pain?? If you have felt real pain - let that be your guide.

Pace 14:42 - 3 miles

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