Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Even though I have done a 1/2 marathon before this is a new one. I want to train as if I have never done one. Why? Because if I don't - I will not push myself to do better. I will say "I did this once I can do it again". This is a self lie. Yes, I am in better shape than the last one I did. I also hurt like hell for several days after the last one. It has also been 17 months. A lot has happened in that time. My father died, I became a grandmother, and I stopped walking as much.

I walked today using my training guide. Did 3 miles - first one was a warm up. The next 2 were as fast as I could. I started having the shin pain like I did while training for the Austin Marathon and I remembered I walked with that pain so many miles. Sometimes it would hurt for as much as 4 miles. Only this time it didn't hurt near as much.

I was able to push my speed up to 4.0 miles a pace of 15:00. That is a good start for me.

I did have the feeling several times "I cannot do this". That is a normal response for me. I never think I can. But, I shut that voice up and push on. And: "I DID IT TODAY".

Pace 15:40 - 3 miles

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